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Our solutions for Local Government encompass fully compliant digital Business Process Automation (BPM) and Records/Document Management Solutions (EDMS) that deliver substantial operational cost savings. We also deliver Digital Output Management Solutions (OMS) and Invoice Processing solutions that automate complex manual document and information management tasks. Our predictive asset modelling solution saves up to 50% of annual asset spend. Regulatory compliance is a challenging area for local government, and we deliver stunning low cost fully compliant solutions to address these challenges.

Some of our local council solutions include:-

  • Automated Web Based HR Records Solutions
  • Web Based Digital Document Management
  • Policy Lifecycle Management
  • Council Stakeholder Engagement
  • Directorate Compliance Management
  • Digital Web Based Property & Estates Management
  • Web Based Contract/Rent Management
  • Digital Asset Management & Modelling
  • Digital Supplier Contracts Management

Our key deliverable is our abilty to provide and commission fully compliant enterprise grade digital solutions, quickly, and efficiently, for a cost point that is truly refreshing and very important for local government.

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