So… just what is this ‘must have Utopia’ of EDMS in 2014?

We have all heard of EDMS and every other variation acronym and verbal malarkey about document management. Ever since the paper free concept came into reality in the 1980’s in ‘file systems’, versions variations and just plain mad ways of attaining this state of business serenity have come, gone, and had their day. Or have they?

Document management has certainly come a very long way from the early perception of simply scanning and retrieving documents to save storage space for the more wealthy enterprises of the 1980’s.

Today we are faced with a dazzling array of digital capability, from being able to remove coffee stains and creases on a paper document thus improving its ‘digital condition’, (Threshholding) to being able to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) a document so that every single word phrase or even the intent contained therein, can now be search for remotely, and presented within solutions such as those in the eDiscovery and eRetrieval market place.

The original idea is still there and the ‘paper free utopia’ is still something all businesses of any size must in truth attain if they are to be remotely competitive in today’s business world, but why was this so very complicated to achieve, if indeed we have? What has sullied the wonderfully simple vision of the 1980’s of a truly paper free business world, and why on earth have we not attained it…..? Read the whole article here: So just what is ‘must have’ about ‘EDMS’

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