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ERP Output Management

Output Management (OM) is the ‘art’ of managing the creation delivery and indeed the effectiveness of the information you are sending from ERP systems. Making certain the right information is sent to the correct person or company, in the format that will be most effective is something many businesses over look to their cost.

Timely delivery of key documents such as Course Updates for University Students, Trading Terms and Conditions updates for Retail Businesses, Product Improvement or a Change Management in a Manufacturing specification, Accounting Documents, Proof of Delivery Notices, are all typical examples of why it is so important to ensure this is managed correctly.

Engaging customers with relevant interesting and informative information is of paramount importance.

We deliver a full enterprise grade ERP Output Management Solution (OMS) for less than 50% of the cost of most other main line ERP OMS. Our solution provides no constraints (unlike many systems) on the design and final delivery of documents.

We ensure that you are communicating the right information to the right recipient, in an effective format, which can be tracked managed and traced.

  • Seamlessly collect distributed data from within the business, and specifically design the customer facing document to be most effective, and communicated correctly.
  • Eliminate print/post costs by delivering & distributing data electronically, in the right format.
  • Manage and store collateral by publishing to department/business web portals, Workflow processes or document management systems.
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