Legal e-Retrieval

Digital Forensic e-Discovery & e-Retrieval

An innovative ‘end to end’ solution that forensically collects compiles and enables the forensic scrutiny of an organisations data, be it any combination of paper or digital.

This fully compiled and indexed data repository is then accessed via a very secure web based system with a powerful search capability, thus enabling full forensic scrutiny and search of any compiled data repository contained therein.

This streamline fast and highly cost effective service is designed for legal companies, forensic assessment companies and FSA clients, enabling them to swiftly and compliantly collect, collate and store a copy of an entire company or individuals data for examination. This could be for a legal matter, a company take over or M&A action, or indeed scrutiny of an executives electronic device for commercial or civil legal matters.

Key Deliverables Include:-

  • Saves a vast amount of time in compiling a matter or repository ‘in a hurry’
  • Simplifies the turnaround time for case work
  • Greatly reduces administration overhead for all parties
  • OCR and Thresholding technology improves paper data clarity and quality
  • Indexing enables full key work search across entire repository
  • Powerful search across all words phrases and sentences
  • Caters for flash drives, mobiles devices and all off site data
  • Delivered using existing extensive skills in electronic data recovery
  • Secure remote web based log in delivers full search anytime anywhere
  • BS 10008:2008, Civil Evidence Act 1995 compliant

Delivering a strong compliant and fast turnaround, our functionality and ability to be fully flexibilty mean we can cater for any requirement or scale from early case assessments to full construction of a final case dossier, legal matter, or executive espionage or fraud case.

Legal e-Retrieval


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