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We provide a stunning web based HTML 5 document and business process management solution that is used globaly by 1,000s of  business enterprises including Government, Universities, Legal, Finance, IT Services, Health Care, Manufacturing and major Service Providers.

The beauty of this ‘built for purpose’ solution is that it is deployed ‘out of the box’ in 30 minutes, and users are fully proficient in just 45 minutes of use, without any training. This means a business can get up and running on a digital web based solution fast, and without the hassle of an overly complex tool that needs days of training. There are 100’s of training videos online for the most common actions, so users can self train if they forget something.

User access is strictly controlled, with user rights being administered at a document, folder and library level for each user. User blocks can be managed from 5, 25,50,100 to 1,000 users, so costs are kept to a minimum. The solution is fully compliant with ISO and BSI and has a built in ISO document audit and control facility so it is fully compliant ‘out of the box’.

MS Office and Outlook are inclusive addins for effective efficient communications, and the ISO work flow and task management add the key functionality that most businesses processes need on a day to day basis. Every document action is saved in the audit trail enabling management to track and see what has happened, and Version Crontrol is also delivered within the solution.

The built in functionality includes:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Document Imaging & Scanning
  • Document Archiving
  • Document Collaboration
  • Electronic Forms Management
  • Template Management
  • ISO Document Control & Audit
  • MS Outlook Addin’s
  • MS Office Addin’s
  • Task Management
  • Workflow Management

As this is a globabl solution a wide range of clever bespoke tools exist (Local Government, Invoice Processeing, Occupational Health, Asset Management, Property Maintenance Management) that can be leveraged to deliver some very low cost but powerful functionality in addition to those listed.



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